Pidgin Chat

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What? Why?

Because everything on the market is bloated and ugly. Pidgin's light so it's not any trouble to run 24/7. It doesn't look or feel out of place on Windows & Linux. I run my own XMPP chat server so it's fairly private. Server is set up so chat is encrypted, file transfers aren't, and logs aren't kept. All are welcome to use it. I'm if you want to add me.


Linux: Install pidgin using your package manager.
Windows: Download Pidgin from or and install it.

Account Setup

When you first launch Pidgin it'll bring up the account setup window, if then not click Accounts → Manage Accounts to bring it up. Fill things out as shown.

Pidgin Account Setup, Step 1 Pidgin Account Setup, Step 2 Pidgin Account Setup, Step 3

Auto-Start: Windows

Pidgin Windows Auto-Start, Step 1 Pidgin Windows Auto-Start, Step 2 Pidgin Windows Auto-Start, Step 3

Auto-Start: Linux

Mint/Cinnamon shown in example. Other DE's should be similar. Command to run on startup is just "pidgin".

Pidgin Linux Mint Auto-Start, Step 1 Pidgin Linux Mint Auto-Start, Step 2